e.p.c. was founded by the British ceramicist, Emily Elizabeth Proctor, who works and lives in London.

The e.p.c. brand is inspired by a love for Japanese ceramics where value is found in the artful expression and irregularity in each individual piece. In Japanese culture the tableware is as important as the food served with it and the most experienced makers are considered national treasures. Working originally as a stylist, Proctor found that the majority of tableware available in the UK is mass produced and imported by the same few huge suppliers. She wanted to offer an alternative to the limited selection available, pieces that could be admired for their individual characteristics and kept forever.

Each unique piece is hand-built using natural materials and simple glazes to create primitive, functional forms. It is also very important to Proctor to minimise her impact on the world in which she lives, so she reuses materials whenever possible.